3MSALT is a reliable organization with extensive experience in Software quality assurance and General IT infrastructure service delivery.

We help organizations review, set up, maintain and improve IT solutions and services on software/products across small, medium, and enterprise environments. The strength of the team stems from combined expertise in various information technology backgrounds with the focus to solve problems that will bring future solutions to the current and future technology problems by providing our clients with strategic information that will aid their business growth and ultimately reduce administrative and production costs.


Our mission is to create sustainable value for our customers by challenging the status quo and bringing innovative ideas and technologies to address their Information technology needs.


Our goal is to embed robust quality assurance practices into software and hardware development life cycles to help improve deliverables and ultimately reduce cost


We thrive on strong customer orientation for all testing solutions across all products, we are extremely quality conscious and this reflects in our deliveries irrespective of the size of projects. Our people place unwavering focus, passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to ensure customer success.


This is an integral part of our DNA. We understand that the only way to success is to have absolute transparency in our communication, commitment, solutions, contributions, transactions, and associations with all our stakeholders.


Our team of experts continually strives to gain insights into the latest market, trends, and technologies. We understand the voice of customers, as well as adopt best practices to develop and modify solutions as per changing market requirements.


Our organization has indeed carried out various IT services and also partnered with various IT servicing companies which involve an initial review of current practices to determine key areas of focus, define and develop scope and requirements for a more detailed and strategic focused assessment that will help suggest remediation and roadmap that would result in a clear view of a perfect product across various organization's in Nigeria for the last seven years and counting.

Software Testing

We help Companies interested in Software Testing to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction through our efficient and effective testing practice. 3MSALT deliver services on demand to allow our valuable clients to develop high-quality software and reduce the Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ). Boehm's curve demonstrates that errors are more expensive to fix later. The risks of releasing a new software application without rigorous testing have greater implications now than ever because of the rapid pace of change in expectations and demands of the end users.

At 3MSALT, Our Expertise in Software Testing includes:

  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Penetration & Vulnerability Testing
  • Performance, Load & Stress Testing
  • Developing a Testing Governance Framework
  • Test Process Improvement
  • Testing as a Service (TaaS
  • Testing as a Managed Service (TaaMS)
  • Providing Project Managers and Developers
  • Functional Testing
  • Automation Testing

IT Infrastructure

A reliable IT infrastructure solution is not only important to our daily business operations but provides both operational excellence and flexibility to small, midsize and large enterprise environment as strategic changes can make the difference between success and failure. Planning, implementing and managing IT infrastructure needs a proficient and experience personnel proffering solutions in the area of server setup and installation, virtualization, networking products and services, data-center solutions, data security solutions, business requirements analysis, equipment procurement, systems maintenance, user training and general support services. The services we offer ensures the continuity of your business while your customers benefit from the increase in business information security required and its efficiency as we focus on meeting the growing needs of the business. We live up to your expectations and we answer all your questions about the trends in technology and operation of IT Infrastructure setup with the opportunities for their optimization and the ways of reducing the cost.

At 3MSALT, Our Expertise in IT Infrastructure Solutions are
  • LAN and WAN setup
  • Hosting virtual servers and Infrastructure services
  • Services for Installation and migration of servers
  • Services for integration and optimization of servers
  • Services providing information security
  • Failover (system protection and recovery)
  • Hosting of Microsoft 365, SharePoint Services, and Exchange Server e-mail
  • Hosting of domains and web services
  • Inverter and solar installations

IT Training And Mentorship


To learn standard terminologies

To discover good sources of information

To provide a complete picture of the test activities and processes from requirements review to system implementation

To prepare you for professional qualification widely recognized by employers, customers and peers

To improve your understanding in Information technology, and raise awareness on issues and constraints

The online training is a 2-day course. The course will give each delegate practical and interactive exposure to IT in the work place and what is expected of them when they gain employment. The training course includes a number of exercises to enforce the principles being taught. It is recommended that candidates revise the course material for the first two evenings of the course.

We strive to constantly upgrade and fine-tune our methodologies to remain in line with international standards and best practices


      Those that are looking to make a career in IT.
      Those who wish to demonstrate that they have a basic knowledge of IT software and hardware fundamentals, principles and terminologies.
      Those who are interested and prepared to work hard to assimilate the information required.
      Those that are new to the computer industry.



  • Software Testing
  • Introduction
  • Testing terminology
  • Importance of Testing
  • How much testing is enough?
  • Fundamental Test process

  • Re-testing and regression testing

  • Test Scenario, Test Case Design

  • Health care software
  • To evaluate/re-evaluate the present infrastructure solution available.
  • To ensure that the best state-of-the-art health care software is customized and deployed.
  • To ensure that the ICT solution design meets the present and future needs of the organization.

  • Hardware and procurement
  • Quality Management.

  • Resource Management.

  • Schedule Management.

  • Risk Management.

  • Communication.


  • Inverter and Solar Installation
  • Site Survey

  • Load Estimation

  • Risk Estimation

  • Price Variation

  • Installation

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